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You’re visiting the blog of George White. I’m a successful Electrical Contractor and own and operate my own business in Northern California.

I thought this blog would be a great place to share some of my little-known, profit-generating secrets with other Electrical Contractors. They’re just too good to keep to myself. Besides, I’m not greedy; I’m willing to share to help other Electrical Contractors become successful.

This business has been my life since I was a kid. Dad used to take my sister and I to his office when Mom had to work. When I was 20 years old I joined him in his business full time, and after eight years we became partners.

For awhile, we were the typical Electrical Contracting team, with the same problems and challenges everyone else had, but I kept telling myself there had to be a better way to run the business. And there was! By doing things exactly the opposite way from what other Electrical Contractors were, we broke the sound barrier and never looked back.

If you’re ready to take a fresh look at what is possible by viewing your business through a different colour lens, then you might just learn a few things that can enable you to take a quantum leap in the way you run your business, but more importantly, the results you get.

What I WILL discuss here is:

  • Starting a business
  • Running the business efficiently
  • Finding customers, employees and electricians
  • Other key information required to run a very profitable Electrical Contracting business

What’s the catch? You may have to change the way you’re doing things—either a little, or a LOT!

If you’re open-minded and really want to take your business to the next level, you’ve hit the mother lode.

If you have no intention of changing the way you think, and you’re just surfing to see what’s out there but aren’t committed to doing what it takes to increase your profits, get customers coming to you, etc., then you’ll be wasting your time. Just go back to what you were doing and good luck.

For the rest of you, your questions and my candid feedback are what’s going to run this machine, so let’s get going.

Here’s to your success!

George White

P.S. If you’re looking for a forum for Electrical Code questions or discussions, this isn’t it, but I’ll recommend some places here to go for that kind of information.

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